Consulting Analyst (Miami)

Job description

Analyst Overview

Applied Value offers the Analyst the opportunity to work directly with managers and partners and contribute to all aspects of case analysis, strategy development, presentation, and implementation. The Analyst is a key member of the project team while playing a vital role in interacting with and delivering results to the client.

The Analyst has a unique and exciting opportunity to work with clients that are often more entrepreneurial, innovative, and international than typical management consulting clients. Our clients range from new business ventures to established market leaders, giving the opportunity to experience a variety of business challenges with companies at different stages of development. Applied Value also develops long term relationships with its clients, allowing the Analyst to work closely with industry experts and senior level management to ensure that the creation and delivery of its final product is always of the highest standards.

Applied Value offers a career path where you are expected to take a large responsibility from day one for your own work tasks or parts of the project. You are also, in an early stage of your career, expected to be a part of the sales process, which includes identifying potential clients and projects, produce sales materials, and participate in sales meetings.

What will you do?

The Analyst has a high level of responsibility for gathering company and industry data, interviewing personnel, and developing and implementing key insights and recommendations. The Analyst, guided by his or her managers, conducts research and analysis as well as structure the project approach, objective, and implementation. You are actively involved in the overall direction, quality, and success of the final presentation as well as follow up work that leads to further involvement with the client.


What are you like?

Applied Value is looking for people who share our ambitions and who can deliver results in our driven, dynamic environment. We want people who can form their own conclusions yet can learn from others. We want people who can get things done on time. We are looking for people who bring a commercial perspective and an ability to make immediate impact.

Candidates must be decisive, results-oriented, highly motivated, and able to work in an unstructured environment. Demonstrated leadership, business acumen and financial skills, plus a willingness to travel are essential. Previous start-up, general management, engineering, sales, or marketing experience is a plus. Flexibility and drive are requirements.

The Analyst position at Applied Value requires:

· 0-1.5 years of relevant work experience within management consulting

· Degrees in Engineering, Business and Economics are preferred but not required

· Analysts must be fluent in English.

Anything else you should know?

1) Named “Best Boutique Firms to Work for” by Forbes, Vault and Ivy Exec

2) Top-tier clients across all industries

3) Excellent compensation/benefits package

4) Two global company off-sites per year (Past trips include: Dubai, Mykonos, Tanzania, Shanghai)

5) Accessibility into AV’s various business units including investments/private equity, non-profits, etc.

6) Opportunity to make an immediate impact tied with uncapped growth

7) Flexibility to work out of our offices around the world